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McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm which serves leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations, states that effective training has five characteristics:

- The training program engages employees and delivers the skills that a certain profession requires.

- Training is provided using "specialized training modules" that combine technical, behavioral and mindset skills that are of benefit to on-the-job performance.

  • The training curriculum emphasizes the accomplishment of practical tasks,
  • Learning assessments provide an opportunity to identify skills deficiencies so they might be addressed and
  • Instruction is delivered in multiple ways.

We at ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL agree, so our approach is to offer certification preparatory resources in multiple forms to best engage ASTQB software testing exam candidates and deliver the training needed to develop skills that their profession require:

  • Certification-specific and learning objective-based lectures for each ASTQB software testing exam, *
  • A software testing glossary that includes key words relevant to each ASTQB exam and
  • ASTQB software testing certification-specific and learning objective-based quizzes.

As McKinsey & Company suggests, ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL provides the training a certification candidate needs to develop the skills a profession requires by means of specialized modules that are of benefit to a software testing professional’s on-the-job performance. Our offerings reflect the decisions of the American Software Testing Qualifications Board regarding the learning objectives the Board deems essential for software testing professionals who assume certain roles within a test organization.

Also, ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL training adheres to the McKinsey & Company suggestion that training mirrors the tasks a professional must complete to perform well on-the-job. In accordance with the American Software Testing Qualifications Board, Inc. syllabi, our site presents training specific to software testing roles, such as the advanced test analyst and agile testing or mobile testing roles.

What's more, ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL implements the McKinsey & Company suggestion that a means for assessment be provided as an opportunity to identify and address a certification candidate's skills deficiencies. We do so by offering more than a thousand questions presented in the form of forty or more quizzes per certification type. These quizzes test a software testing certification candidate's knowledge of the a certain training domain, be it mobile testing or expert test management. *

In addition, ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL gives certification candidates an opportunity to immediately recognize what information most differentiates high from low performers on ASTQB exams and translate this insight into the pursuit of training pertaining to certain certification learning objectives to ensure they acquire the right knowledge and skills.

We at ASTQB Quiz CENTRAL want software testing certification candidates to succeed. To support this objective, we rely on IT professionals to develop considerable resources and make them available to the candidates free of charge. We hope that by providing these resources, candidates can spend their time learning, rather than wading through the mishmash of online resources that may and may not offer valid and verifiable certification preparation resources in an easily digestible form. We believe our approach will ultimately improve job outcomes for the participants and their employers in the software testing context.

If you have the heartly, we can help you with the smartly.

*This objective will be met as training for each ASTQB certification is completed and presented on this website.

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